EP production


EP level production is the level up from Demo Production.

EP level production in this case has less to do with the length or number of tracks than it does how in depth the recording is.

NOTE: THIS METHOD is mainly for full bands that want to do drums first then overdub everything else.  IF you are a solo artist/singer songwriter OR a full band that specifically wants to record live off the floor go to my Pro Studio Production page

For this level of production for full bands I can bring my high end portable rig to your space or a rented hourly space, or a commercial studio.  We would go in with the intention of getting BED tracks – drums – for all songs with scratch guitar/bass/other tracks.  We would then do overdubs of guitar, bass and vocals at Game Over Studio.

In this production level we would spend much more time overall than a Demo.  It would vary based on number of tracks, but tracking a 4 song EP production would probably looks something like this:

4-8 hours drum tracking, 6-8 hours guitar tracking, 2-4 hours bass tracking, 4-8 hours vocal tracking